Your Ultimate Guide For Your Weight Loss Workouts Plan

Weight Loss Workouts Plan

bench pressThe key to making a real change to how you look is doing a lot of compound exercises, moves that involve multiple muscle groups.

These target the maximum amount of muscle fibres and provoke a hormonal response that conducive to losing fat and gaining muscle.

To make these workouts even more effective, we’ve arranged them as supersets, where you do 2 exercises back to back.

The supersets in this plan target different muscle groups, so you might do a chest exercise followed by a back move.

This allows you to maintain a high level of intensity because while one body part is working, the other one is recovering. The workout variables such as sets, reps, tempo and rest have also all been manipulated to give you the biggest chance of success.


How are the workouts structured?

You do 3 workouts a week and each one contains 3 supersets, 2 exercises done back to back. You do the same moves each week for 4 weeks before moving on to the next set of workouts. The workouts have been designed using a split routine system, which means you work particular muscle groups in a workout, rather than your whole body. You do, however, work each major muscle group at least once a week.

Why should I do supersets?

Doing supersets reduces the amount of time you spend resting during a workout, which ensures that the intensity of the session remains high. The workouts tend to start with the most demanding moves at the beginning, which allows you to lift as much weight as possible. The exercise tends to get slightly less challenging as the workout progresses because you’re fatigued.

What weight should I use?

Pick a weight that means you struggle to complete the final couple of reps of the last set. This is likely to mean that you need to use a weight that is at least 70% of your one-rep maximum, the weight you can lift once the perfect form.

Using the workout tables

Here’s the theory behind the routines you’re going to be using for your weight loss workouts plan

SUPERSET 1: Heavy Metal

Each workout includes a pair of heavy moves that work lots of muscles. This releases growth hormone, making the rest of the workout more effective at building muscle.

SUPERSET 2: One-sided

Including unilateral – or one-sided, moves will balance out your body, ensuring that both sides are equally strong. Tackle your weakest side first for better results.

SUPERSET 3: Use Your Body

Mastering bodyweight moves will give you great results – it’ll help you to move your body as a single unit, and means that you’ll able to work out anywhere.


The reason you do the same workout each week is that 3 weeks isn’t long enough for your body to get so comfortable with the exercises that it stops responding, particularly if you’re adjusting other variables such as sets and rest times.

By sticking with the same moves for 3 weeks you’ll get better at the movement patterns involved in each exercise so you’ll be able to lift heavier each week.


The number of times you perform an exercise in a set. All the rep counts are within a range that will result in hypertrophy (muscle growth). They vary because muscle groups respond in different ways. Those with more type II muscle fibres (responsible for fast powerful movements) respond better to lower rep ranges than groups with more type I fibres (responsible for endurance efforts).


This is the number of group of reps you perform. For each workout in the first week you perform 2 sets. This is because your body will have to get used to the movements and this is demanding. Once you’re more familiar with the moves you increase the set count to 3 per exercise.

If you’re already familiar with the exercises in the plan, you can do 3 sets in the first week.


This refers to the speed of the lift. It’s important to stick to the right tempo for every part of the lift. The first number is the speed in seconds if the lowering the bar to your chest in a bench press. The second is the pause at the bottom, the third is the lifting phase and the fourth is the pause between reps. ‘X’ means you should do that part as quickly as possible.


This is the rest you should take between supersets. Aim not to rest between the two exercises in a superset, then rest for the allotted time between supersets. Rest for 2 to 3 minutes between groups of supersets. The rest time decreases between week one and week two to make the workout more challenging and the rest times have been picked to maximize growth hormone release.

To give you a good start on how to arrange your supersets, we’re giving you a free ebook “Fitness & Exercise” below

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