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Push, pull and lift your body to perfection with the Weider® Power Tower. Featuring four stations, this muscle-building tower delivers an incredible total-body workout. Target your biceps and forearms with the padded pull-up station. Build your triceps, chest and shoulders with the dip station. Work your biceps, shoulders and core with the push-up station. And, with the VKR, you can isolate your core to develop lean, sculpted abs. The Weider® Power Tower also features sewn vinyl cushions which are built to last and designed with a comfortable padding.

Weider Power Tower Review

Working out isn’t just a past time, its a healthy part of any lifestyle. When it comes to working out, there are several different machines that can assist in the process. One of the most efficient workout machines is the power tower.

These allow you to do pull ups as well as vertical knee raises, and even pushups the right way. However, because not all power towers are made the same, it’s important to do your shopping!

That being said, today’s review is on the Weider Power Tower to see how well it stacks up against the competition.

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Affordable Price

When it comes to adding any piece of equipment to your home or commercial gym, the first thing most people are going to think about is price. The bottom line is, you want to make sure that what you purchase provides a good amount of value at a very low price. The Weider Power Tower comes at an exceptional price.

Depending on where you get it, you can purchase it for anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to $300. But, if you purchase it on Amazon, you’ll find that you can pick one up for as low as $215.99! That’s a great price for a machine like this.

Great Aesthetics

Next, it’s important to think about the look of the piece of equipment. After all, you don’t want to put something in your home or commercial gym that doesn’t look good. The Weider Power Tower isn’t one of those ugly pieces of equipment.

As a matter of fact, it has a very sleek design. It is all black with the exception of the back pad. The back pad is black and red with a great design.

The red touch on the black background ads a bit of contrast and makes an already good looking machine look even better. So, if the looks of the equipment are important to you, you will not be upset!

Amazingly Effective

Now, it’s time to think about the effectiveness of the machine. After all, you could have the nicest looking machine in your gym, but if it’s not effective, you’re not going to keep it around for too long. The Weider Power Tower is a very effective machine.

With the ability to do so many workouts with one machine you won’t have any reason to ditch it and find a better option. The truth is, this machine uses your body weight to maximize your workout and is very effective in doing so!

Durable and Reliable

It’s also important to think about how durable the machine you’re purchasing actually is. The truth is, some workout machines that you purchase will slowly fall apart, some will fall apart quickly and some will last what seems like an eternity.

So when you purchase workout equipment, you want to make sure that it is made of durable materials that will last what seems like forever. This is the case with the Weider Power Tower. It is made with the most durable material and will not fall apart on you any time soon!

So, is the Weider Power Tower a worthwhile investment for your home or commercial gym? Of course it is. The bottom line is that this machine is a low price, looks good and is incredibly effective. Not to mention it is also incredibly durable and will last you a very long time.

If you are looking for a way to consolidate several workouts with 1 machine, this is definitely a great way to go. The workouts done on it are incredibly effective and will help you to get ripped, or just lose a few extra pounds. It is a versatile piece of workout equipment that is recommended for everyone!

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