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The craftsmanship of the Exerpeutic folding exercise bike is very good, the frame tubes are heavy steel with good welds, the seat is large enough to have an extended ride comfortably (probably the most comfortable stationary bike seat I’ve used including expensive gym bikes), the bike has a wide stable “footprint” when opened but is also light enough to move from room to room if needed (has wheels on the base also),the internal mechanics are very good, the bike is very quiet and comfotable with plenty of leg room for proper body mechanics as well, the computer screen readout is practical and easy to see and use.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse Review

There are many different ways to work out. There is strength training and there is also Cardio training.  Cardio workouts have proven to show healthier and happier lives. One Cardio machine stands out from the rest, and that is the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse.

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This wonder machine is a great gift idea for anyone that wants to lose weight and build up their Cardio endurance at the same time. There are so many different advantages that you can do that it would be foolish not to get one of these.

For someone who is trying to lose weight, this is a jackpot. This is a low impact exercise machine that will not hurt your bones after working out on it a long time.

Monitors Heart Rate

exerpeutic folding magnetic 4

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Another great feature of this machine is it has a pulse on it that checks your heart beat. When it checks your heartbeat, it shows you what your heart rate is at and that way you can see how much cardio you are getting. The more Cardio the better.

Too much code has never been a problem. This training can be very hard but it pays off in the long run. Not only will you lose unwanted fat, you have more endurance. With more endurance you can do many things.

Many of these things you were not able to do before. Using this magnetic bike will help you build endurance.

exerpeutic folding magnetic 6

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Increases Stamina and Endurance

Having more endurance will let you be able to do more of the strenuous activities for longer. Some of those more strenuous activities would be playing football, running back and forth on the soccer field, plying basketball, running, hiking, rock climbing, and many other activities that require a lot of endurance and strength.

You will find that you are having a lot of fun when you have more energy and endurance.

Goes with Anything

Not only is this machine highly effective, it is also a lot better looking than most other training machines. This super slick bike is guaranteed to go with any furniture you may have in your living room so that you can watch TV and get your Cardio on at the same time.

Unlike other cardio machines, this one is made out of the finest metals and is very durable. This machine will last a lifetime. You may have to change the battery on the digital health manager but that is all.

This is an exceptional piece of technology that would be great for anyone that wants to lose weight in style. Other machines are flimsy and fall apart easy. The digital monitors don’t last long on their brands too.

exerpeutic folding magnetic 5

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It is very good to stay healthy and fit. With this amazing machine, that will not be hard at all. This awesome workout machine is not only very easy to use, it is also easily stowed away. It has a special space saver design.

This design folds for storage and can be rolled into its storage area. This machine is so small and lightweight that anyone can roll it around their house or office and start working out wherever they want.

This awesome machine has a very comfortable seat that fits perfectly to any size butt. Compared to other brands Cardio bike machines, their seats cannot compare. Many other Cardio machines have plastic seats that are very hard.

After a while those seats actually start to hurt your butt, and then the pain starts working its way up your back. This seat provides just enough support to make it the most comfortable workout you have ever experienced.

exerpeutic folding magnetic 3

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Another great feature that this fantastic sleek Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse has is it’s flashy looking handles. Its handles are positioned oh so perfectly where you can take all of the weight off of your back and on to your for-arms.

The handles are black and have heart rate monitors on both handles. There are two heart rate monitors on each handle. This great machine also checks your speed and how many calories you have lost based on your heart rate!

This is such an amazing product that it should be given as a gift to people you love and care about!

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