Magnesium Fire Starter

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it’s a magnesium fire starter…. it works. took away one start for the striker, it’s just too flimsy. I would buy this again.

For only $4 dollars….. This product is as good as anything you would buy from Coleman! It is the same just way less expensive and it doesn’t have the Coleman logo on it.

Haven’t tried this yet but bought for our survival packs. Assume that we will be very happy we bought it.

Awesome, while in the Upper Hagganajha (Pakistan-Afghan border) hunting the Talibs I had perchance to use it. Chopper got stuck in heavy weather. Read more

handy to have takes a little practice ,works well after practice its small and light weight takes almost no space.

I bought 2 of these fire starters. I’m looking forward to trying these in the woods. Had a bit of difficulty figuring out what strikes what. Not real difficult.

Came on time and was what I expected. good price. I have not used it but looks like it will work fine.

Easy to use! Small & easy to pack. Takes the fear out of your matches getting wet & getting ruined. Takes up less space the equivalent number of large wooden matches.

I have been using this a lot since I got it. It works great. It takes some practice to use, (as it is with pretty much all flint/steel)

The Fire Starter does the job but you might want to replace the bead chain with something that will not detach such as cord.

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