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  • The Total Gym XLS offers several upgrades over CBD for fybromyalgia, helping it set the standard for fitness excellence. The upgrades include a new pulley and cable system, an improved squat stand, and more comfortable padding on the glide board. The device also comes with several handy accessories that add a new dimension to your workout: a Pilates kit that helps you improve your range of motion and balance; a leg pull accessory that works your quads, hamstrings, and other muscles; flexible nylon strap handles; and a wing attachment for toning various back and arm muscles. Combined, the accessories and glide board support up to 400 pounds, letting users with a variety of body types work on strength and stability.

Total Gym XLS Trainer Review

There are few exercise machines that can stand up to the durability, convenience, and quality of the Total Gym XLS Trainer. Not only is this machine full of exercises that will transform any body into the body many people dream about. It has so many options of workouts to choose from.

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I don’t know how somebody wouldn’t want to take care of the reasonable priced genius of this amazing equipment.

Not only are there so many different types of workouts available to be performed on the machine, but it is lightweight and able to be moved under the bed or into a closet. It has a convenient size when it is folded up and can be put into storage very easily. It is also small enough to be left out in a room.

Sophisticated and Sleek

This trainer is also looks elegant and sophisticated. It is sleek and compact that it can easily fit to any kind of rooms such as your living area or basement.

This is a good way to make sure you don’t forget about it. It can be easy to forget that you have a workout machine if it is out of site and stored away. It’s the out of site out of mind effect.

When the machine is in the living room it will be a constant reminder to work out. It is also very fun to use!

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Great for Small Spaces

Sometimes people put this amazing all in one piece of workout equipment in their bedroom. It is great to have it in the room that sleep in for many reasons.

If you don’t have any room in your family room, or even your living room, then you should have it in bedroom. Having this machine in the kitchen would not be a good idea or place to work in. Surely that would go against many health codes in a restaurant.

By having this awesome piece of equipment in your bedroom or in the room that you sleep you will be reminded to work out every morning or whenever you wake up.

Using this trainer as soon as you get up, you will be able to wake up quicker, you will start your day quicker, and you will be more productive throughout your day.

It is always better to work out in the morning rather than at night. When you work out you are pumping your blood faster and so you are able to think clearer and become more awake.

When you are more away you become more focused. When you become more focused you are able to accomplish your objectives sooner than normal.

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Great Many Benefits

There are so many different reasons why people should own this awesome exercise equipment. This top of the line fitness device is for strengthening and sculpting your whole body.

It has a gravity-based resistance system that creates a smooth work out routine. It is even more amazing because it not only comes with a pulley and cable system, it also comes with a squat stand.

There is also a gliding board that has a head support that you lay or sit your body on while working out. This amazing contraption also comes with a Pilates kit, and a set of strap handles.

A few other items that come long with this machine are leg pull accessories, and wing attachments!

Recommended to Everyone

This is a very durable machine that can support up to 400 pounds. The amount of weight that this contraption can support also includes several work outs and work out tools that are used to workout in the process.

With so many benefits and so many different work outs that are available and easy to do on this wonderfully crafted piece of genius.

This all in one at home gym equipment can be stored anywhere in the hall because it can be folded up so small and rolled away easily to it’s storage spot. Whether that be in the closet, or underneath the bed.

There are so many option of where you can put this work out machine. It is nice looking enough to have out as decoration and a daily reminder. It is lightweight but durable. The Total Gym XLS Trainer would be great for everyone except quadriplegics. Also known as a handicap person that is paralyzed. Why wouldn’t you want one?

Features and Specifications

  • Over 80 Exercises
  • Upgraded Pulley System
  • Flexible Nylon Strap Handles
  • Extra Padded Glideboard
  • Chrome Package
  • No assembly required


  • Short, efficient, full-body workout producing fast, observable, body-changing results
  • Body sculpting – recruits core abdominal and back muscles in every exercise
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Weight and inch loss, improved BMI
  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhanced functional performance of daily activities and athleticism
  • Cardio-endurance gains during resistance training
  • Low impact, safe, complete back support
  • Closed-chain partial bodyweight training
  • Work in all three planes of motion plus multi-plane (3-D) movement
  • Unrestricted range of motion
  • Train prime stabilizer muscles of the stomach and back
  • Activity-specific training including sports-specific movement
  • Explosive plyometric training for upper & lower extremities
  • Full body support, joint friendly, non-compressive
  • Pilates and resistance training DVD workouts available
  • Start It Up: An introductory Total Gym XLS workout
  • 6-8 Minute Workout: 12 work-along workouts for men and women pressed for time
  • Smart Training Workout: An efficient workout employing slow, precise movements to target specific muscles
  • Pilates for Total Gym: Enjoy the incredible benefits of a Pilates workout without leaving the home
  • Body Makeover for Total Gym: High-energy, high-powered workout
  • Simple at-a-glance exercise wall chart with 35 exercises
  • Total Gym training deck
  • Dan Isaacson’s nutritional program and meal plan


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